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Cup O’ Joe Coffee Co.

Max Caf Blend

Max Caf Blend

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High caffeine blend of coffee. Tanzania and India Robusta

Introducing Cup O Joe's Max Caf Blend - the ultimate fuel for warriors in every cup. Crafted with precision and passion by veterans, for veterans, and coffee connoisseurs alike, our Max Caf Blend embodies the spirit of resilience and strength.

Inspired by the dedication and discipline of the military, this blend is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled caffeine kick without compromising on taste. Sourced from the finest coffee beans around the globe and roasted to perfection in the heart of Joplin, Missouri, each sip of Max Caf Blend promises a bold and invigorating experience.

Whether you're gearing up for a mission, facing the daily grind, or simply seeking an extra boost to conquer your day, Max Caf Blend stands ready to serve. Its robust flavor profile, with hints of dark chocolate and a smoky finish, ensures a satisfying cup every time.

At Cup O Joe, we take pride in supporting our veterans, and with every purchase of Max Caf Blend, you're not just buying coffee - you're contributing to a cause. A portion of proceeds from every bag sold goes towards initiatives that aid our military community, making each sip a gesture of gratitude towards those who serve.

Join us in celebrating strength, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence with Cup O Joe's Max Caf Blend. Brew, sip, and conquer the day like a true warrior.

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